Successfully organized 3rd free frontend programming workshop for young women

During the weekend, on the 25th and 26th of June, our school of programming has successfully organized, for the third time, a free workshop about frontend technologies for young women.

This two-day workshop is meant to provide opportunity for young women, aged between 18 and 30 years, to gain basic knowledge in frontend technologies. During the workshop, young women who have interest in programming, but are unsure whether a career in IT would be a good choice for them, have the opportunity to learn the basics of frontend programming from an experienced woman programmer in a positive and encouraging environment.

In the workshop the participants are taught the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript through practical examples, and after the workshop is completed they have created their first website.

Third workshop for young women in our programming school

Ivana and Natalija participated in the latest workshop, and here are their impressions:

I liked the workshop, the practical application of knowledge, communicative and relaxed atmosphere. Even for someone who has no prior knowledge in the subject, it is useful to attend the workshop and participate, especially for someone who is unsure whether it would be a good career choice for them or not.


The workshop was great, wonderfully organized, the lecture was concise, clear and easy to follow. All the basics are covered, and a nice width is obtained for further learning. It would be great to cover some more advanced stuff in CSS and HTML in some future workshops.

Participants with their teacher at the end of 3rd frontend workshop

These workshops and the work of our school of programming are supported by WOWYOW – leaders in applied artificial intelligence in areas of contextual marketing and computer vision.

Due to the great interest, in the coming period, we will hold the fourth frontend programming workshop, with which we continue to support young women to take their first steps in entering the world of IT and contribute, in our own way, to reducing gender gap in the industry. Follow us on social networks (Instagram, Facebook) or subscribe to our newsletter and stay up to date with future events.

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